Noe - Human being

An informal introduction

Hello world!

Thanks for reaching this part of my site! I am human too, so I do other things outside my daily job. Some things are technical, some are not. Here we go!

I am happily married to Xochitl

Here is a photo of us

Aren’t we cute?

We live with 8 dogs

We love dogs. But there’s a running joke about their names: Except for Pulga (flea in spanish), they are happily named after sweets and candies. For the sake of clarity Here’s a table of their names, an english translation and an illustration of each sweet.

Name Gender Age English translation (if available) Sweet example Dog photo
Bombon F 10 Marshmallow. A.K.A. Bombota, Bombotita, Bombosa, Bombonota bar
Chocorol M 5 A popular chocolate cake roll (or Swiss Roll) available almost anywhere on Mexico. I also call him Don Checho yay
Candy F 4 A candy of the hard type. We also call her by Mamachita bar
Winnis F 3 A popular soft candy in the Mexican border bar
Tutsi F 3 The mexican version of the Cherry Tootsie lolipop. bar
Cookies F 3 Cookies are delicious. We also call her Cuquis or Cuca bar
Bubulubu F 3 Bubulubu is another popular mexican sweet. It's a marshmallow/jellybean sandwich covered with chocolate. We also call her Buba bar
Pulga F 2 Flea. She's a tiny Chihuahua. We named her in honor of Bombona's mother: Pulga 1.   bar